Olaszrizling 2022

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Ólló is the Moorish Italian Riesling of the Rock-Paper-Scissors trilogy. As Kristina Csetvei says: "As the two sides of the scissors show, I spontaneously fermented 50% in 225L Hungarian oak barrels and 50% in steel tanks, then matured for 3 months. A very small batch, a total of 743 bottles were made. Spicy, kindness, sensuality in a bottle. 5 g of residual sugar makes it even more lovable."

Csetvei Pince

Krisztina Csetvei might not be a native of Mór, but her deep affection for this quaint wine region is evident. She chose to set up her small-scale cellar within the village, dedicating herself to highlighting the charm of this area through its distinctive terroir, the local Ezerjó grape, and various other indigenous and exotic grape varieties, all while employing her unique and perceptive winemaking methods. In a relatively brief period, Krisztina has emerged as a prominent figure among the new wave of Hungarian winemakers. These winemakers are known for their dedication to native grape varieties, organic cultivation, and the production of “natural wines.”

The creations from Csetvei Pince continue to captivate; each variety expressing its individual character, crafted more with guidance and care than mere production. Her wines strikingly combine strength and finesse, highlighting the intense acidity of Hungary's native grapes, a blend that seems almost magical.

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