Pálava 2022

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Wine of a deeper golden color. The medium-intense aroma of blooming spring lilacs and rose water is complemented by fresh notes of tangerines. The fragrance eventually progresses into the spiciness of candied orange peel. The taste is delicious, spicy-sweet with a lively lime acidity.

This wine showcases the uniqueness of the Pálava variety, a gem from the Czech Republic, renowned for its aromatic profile and ability to produce wines with both depth and elegance. Originating from Moravia, Pálava is prized for its distinctive floral and fruity character, often revealing unexpected layers of flavor and aroma, mirroring the rich, diverse terroirs of the region. This wine, embodying the essence of Pálava, is a testament to the Czech winemaking tradition, combining local grape varieties with meticulous craftsmanship to create a truly enchanting experience.


Mikrosvín Mikulov - a winery with a history, strong values, its own story, and its distinctive path. As the winemaker says: "We are Pálava and the Dunajovice Hills, we are Železná, Goldhamer, Ořechová hora, or Purmice. We are the legacy of our ancestors and several generations of passionate and successful Moravian winemakers. And what are we not? We are not big headed, because that doesn't pay off in winemaking. We are just proud. Proud and humble. Proud of our origin, the unique terroir, the raw materials we have the opportunity to work with year after year, the wines hidden behind our label that continually entertain and surprise you, and ultimately even the team and personalities that have been and are here. We are Mikrosvín. Without compromise."

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