Sauvignon 2022

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Sauvignon 2022 from the Tomčala winery entices with the aroma of dandelion flowers and herbs. The taste is full, slightly spicy with a strong fruity character and a long, often slightly mineral finish.

As the winemaker himself says: " Cha-cha. Playful and sexy dance originating from Cuba. In other words, a lot of butt-twisting and seductive glances. And when it comes to seduction, this Sauvignon is the one. Half of this grassy blend showed its advantages during a 3-month bath in an acacia barrel. Meanwhile, the latter started a really wild fermentation party in the stainless steel. After bringing these two halves together, a brutally playful result was created. Attention, danger of flirting! "

Tomčala Winery

You will find us on the slopes of the Blue Mountains in the Velkopavlovice wine sub-region in the picturesque wine village of Kobylí, scented with fruit and vineyards. The idea that we will deal with the production of our own wines arose in 1997. At that time, we started with the production of cask wine and since 2003 we have been bottling high-quality appellation wines. We own three hectares of vineyards where we grow grapes in the best conditions.

What grapes are harvested matters the most, because it is reflected in the quality of the wine. Thanks to the unique location of the vineyards and the specific microclimate, the cultivation of red wine is very successful here, and among the white wines, the varieties that have a spicy character with a typical fruity aroma stand out.

The wines are primarily intended for private clients, we focus on the final customer. Contact with the winemaker is an important element for us, which is why we mainly sell wine directly from the cellar.

We believe that the time spent together with our wines will bring you pleasant moments and fill you with the philosophy that has been put into these wines from the beginning. We recommend wines especially in combination with gastronomic experiences. Specific recommendations for the combination of wine and food can be found in each wine characteristic. Cheers!

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