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Immerse yourself in the "Fresh & Citrus" edition, which is ideal for enthusiasts of fresh, fruity wines. Start with the Austrian Grüner Veltliner , a symbol of freshness and subtlety, followed by the Portuguese Loureiro 2022 from Agri Roncao , which balances delicate floral notes with a lemony finish. Next, enjoy the Czech Solaris 2022 from Vinařství Volařík , a harmony of tropical fruits and black currants. Continue with Slovakian Sauvignon 2022 from Mrva & Stanko , where gooseberries and white grapefruit meet with elderberry. End your trip with a Czech Pálava of the 2022 vintage from Mikrosvín , dominated by floral notes of lilac complemented by the fruitiness of mandarin orange and candied orange peel. This collection is a true celebration of vibrant, juicy flavors.

Editions to match your taste

Whether you're looking for fresh & citrus wines, Rieslings or just want to explore, we have it all.

Five 100ml glass samples

Each tasting edition contains five wines in 100ml glass vials. Ideal to taste and explore each wine.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Ideal wine tasting night!

Each tasting edition contains 0,5l of unique wines. Enjoy with your loved ones or sip and explore yourself.


With VINEWAY, every sip is an invitation to a journey. No barriers, only boundless horizons of taste. Experience local, indigenous varieties, unique production techniques, and premium wines that are worth every drop. Celebrate the diversity of the world of wine, all within the grasp of your glass.


Every wine tells a story, and we want to hear yours. Scan the QR code, which takes you to our digital wine tasting experience. Let us know your ratings and feedback so we can pass it on to our winemakers!


As you enjoy each sip, delve into its narrative. Discover why our sommeliers chose this unique wine, challenge your senses by guessing the aromas, compare notes with the VINEWAY community, and deepen your appreciation through personal stories, photos, and videos of the winemakers. With VINEWAY, every sip is an exploration of passion and tradition.


Discovered a new favorite? Don't limit yourself to a taste. Elevate your collection bypurchasing full bottles of the wines you've fallen in love with.Celebrate your VINEWAY membership with an exclusive 10% discount on each bottle you choose.


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Hana, 9.1.2023


Beautifully packaged, tasty wines, an original way to gift wine. We first bought a set for ourselves and then gave another for Christmas.

Roman, 25.9.2022


Very fast delivery. Very tasty wine
Smooth communication with the supplier and the carrier.

Michal, 1.10.2022


What an experience! Thank you VINEWAY for the taste journey, it was a blast. Can't wait for the next batch.

Stanislava, 5.12.2022


It's great, I've already bought an Explorer Edition and now just White Box Edition. An excellent gift. Highly recommend.

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